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Online Slots

When playing casino games online, slots are champion. They dominate platforms, they come in great numbers and they are able to pay out the most winnings of any casino game created. Our guide will discuss all areas regarding slots online, we look at this games of chance to highlight why they are so beneficial to players, how online slots are made and where you can play slots online here in Canada. We discuss this and more so that with our help, you can learn how to beat slot machine games and play with more confidence online in your casino.

Slots online

So, accessing slots are easy, there are plenty of legal Canadian online casinos that comply with Canadian law despite both federal and provincial law banning online sites. So, how it is possible to play slots online? Well, all the casinos open to the Canadian market are not from Canada, they are all outside the border in Europe and this means they evade the laws by not being on Canadian soil. This loophole legally allows players to use these casino sites as they would with any other foreign online service. Playing slots online in a casino registered in Europe is the same as booking a hotel room in London, England.

This is how you are able to access endless games of chance and experience the very best in online slots development.

Now, let’s look at how the online slot machine is made, so you can then understand how you can pick the best slots in Canada when there are thousands upon thousands of them.

Best slots in Canada

So, when looking at online slots, how can you tell which are the best ones to play? The process of picking which to play is simple if you know your gaming, for new players faced with over 10,000 slots online it may put them off going through each one at a time and they may not want to play slots online ever again.

But there is a simple process and that is to focus more on the developers than the individual gaming titles.

So, there are about 50 key developers that make online slots and each use the same processes in their development. You have the gaming algorithm, of which, there are only two that can be used. This is the Return to Player or RTP algorithm and the RNG or Random Number Generator algorithm. These dictate the paying out of games, one is based on the money put into the game, whilst the other is random. 90% of all slots online are made using the RTP algorithm.

Aside from this programming, there is the addition of gaming volatility. There are three types of volatility incorporated into the slot games online. High volatility, medium volatility, and low volatility. Where the algorithms dictate the payout, the volatility dictates the game’s overall behavior.

In short, low volatility games land you more wins, but the actual profits are low. This is where you bet $1 spins and always manage to win but under the $1 mark. Then the high volatility games produce fewer wins, but those that land have a far higher profit margin so if you’re spinning $1 each time, the wins landing are far higher. Medium volatility is between the two, in terms of profitability chances and frequency of wins.

Not many players realize this, and it’s the foundation of recognizing which game to play and which to avoid. Knowing which developers make the best profitable games, then leads you to find the best ones to play.

Games of chance

Is it really a game of chance? With all the best slots in Canada begin made the same way, how is chance a thing when online slots are clearly programmed? Can you manifest a form of artificial chance or luck? When you play slots online for long enough, you will begin to see that luck plays no real part.

If you want to knowhow to beat the Green Machine slot or how to beat Life of Luxury slot machine then the algorithm itself tells you. These are RTP games and by rights with RTP development in a game, they must payout their percentage at some point, it may not be immediate, but over time, if you play an online slot machine with an RTP of 95%, you will get 95% of your money back.

How to beat slot machine games

If you read anywhere online that there are strategies to beat slots online, then they are false. There is no in-game tactic that can be used to manipulate online slots into helping you win. The slots online are programmed and strategies otherwise are false. If you play a game like the Transylvania slots for example, this is an RTP game, what possible way can a player have any influence over the game? Well, the only strategy advised is to first play with a casino bonus, this takes away any risk from your own bankroll.

The other strategy would be to only play this game if it is any worth, which means having to test it in a free demo mode first, rather than testing it with real money.

All the best slots in Canada are accessible as free demo games, so let us discuss how you can get max action slot machine practice from demo gameplay.

Play slots online

All new players must practice playing with slots online first through demo games. Demo features are official online slots if you know where to find them. Do not play online slot machine apps found within Google Play or Apple store because these games are not linked with any Canadian casino online. The best slots in Canada are those tied to real money casinos. These authentic and licensed games are the only gaming blueprint you need. They will play the same and act the same as their real money formats, all that is missing is the final payout of prizes.

From the free demo games, you can learn about the software developers. You can understand more about the volatility of gaming. And you can play risk-free and find the profitable titles to enjoy once inside a real money Canadian casino.

Online slot machine

The online slot machine is a great form of entertainment. There are thousands of slots online but they are not the only game you should fully invest your time in. Amongst the best slots in Canada you have Baccarat, the classic card game that offers players wonder odds and gameplaying options, you can play it in its digital format like online slots, or you can play live baccarat games with real dealers through an online casino live streaming service.

If you want to practice baccarat, then use this linked practice video below to help you understand how the game is played.

If you develop a passion for the game and do well online, then why not head to Quebec and enjoy the Baccarat Restaurant Gatineau, the food is heavenly. Whilst you’re there, you can enjoy baccarat in its more traditional form, hands-on and you against the casino face-to-face.

Last modified: 14 April 2021